Why Campbell River?

2013 Mar 18 086 reduced2

Rockyview chose Campbell River as a location for its potential project due to the numerous economic, environmental and logistical advantages of the site.  The potential Project would be located on an existing industrial site which was last used for a pulp and paper processing facility which closed permanently in December 2009.   However, the physical footprint of Discovery LNG would be much smaller in size than that of the mill.

It is Rockyview’s intention to address any prior site contamination through remediation efforts ongoing throughout the life of the Project, which will result in a significant benefit to the local area and the province of BC.  

Other site advantages include:

  • A deep water port
  • Large area of undeveloped land
  • Access to experienced workforce
  • A solid labour force in nearby communities
  • Site availability
  • Existing pressurized pipeline gas supply which simplifies refrigeration process
  • Existing infrastructure (roads, power, water, etc.)
  • Flood-free zones
  • Limited swells
  • Sufficient draft
  • Shipping channel with sufficient breadth and length
  • Sufficient turning radius for LNG carriers
  • Site terrain suitable for development


Rockyview is committed to working with Campbell River to be a responsible and respectful neighbor and will commit to develop the potential Project in a manner that is beneficial to both parties.