Environmental Assessment

Discovery LNG is anticipated to require an environmental assessment under the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act, 2012 and a review under the BC Environmental Assessment Act. The environmental assessment processes would include public comment periods, after which Rockyview would track and respond to all submitted feedback.

An environmental assessment for a LNG project covers a wide range of project designs, regulatory, environmental, and socio-economic issues, including those addressed by other agency permitting processes. For more information on the BC environmental assessment process, please click here and for more information on the Canadian Environmental Assessment Process, please click here.

In addition to the federal and provincial Environmental Assessments, it is not uncommon for an LNG project to require 50 or more permits before site construction can be initiated. The regulatory framework surrounding a significant LNG terminal project in Canada can be very complex when compared to most energy projects due to competing and overlapping jurisdictions in matters defined by federal and provincial policy, as well as the various individual permits and regulators involved.

In conducting studies and preparing the necessary background materials for inclusion in the environmental assessment, Rockyview will use both in-house and outside experts to ensure that our environmental review is as thorough and accurate as possible.