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There is expected to be few anticipated impacts to the environment from Discovery LNG.   LNG itself is very safe, as evidenced by 40 years of safe operating practices demonstrated throughout the world.  If LNG is released into the environment, the temperature of the air and ground or surface that LNG is resting on will cause it to heat up and turn it back into natural gas.

However, Rockyview will undertake environmental and technical studies to identify potential Project impacts and provide appropriate mitigation strategies.

These impacts and the measures to eliminate or mitigate them will be thoroughly assessed and documented in the Project’s Environmental Assessment phase as well as its many other regulatory authorizations. Rockyview and its partners will also cover the removal costs of the facilities and remediate the land in accordance with directives from the B.C. Ministry of Environment.

Additionally, Rockyview is committed to working with residents near the potential Project’s area at an early stage and through the environmental assessment process to mitigate any potential impacts. For more information regarding public involvement, please go to the Community Engagement Page.