Community Engagement

Transparency and comprehensive public consultation and First Nations engagement will be a cornerstone of the potential development of Discovery LNG. 

The potential Project will involve public consultation and First Nations engagement and relationship-building starting immediately and continuing through all phases of potential Project development. First Nations engagement and public consultation are vital components of overall development as it will allow potential Project development to occur in a way that is most beneficial to all parties. To that end, the following key elements of successful engagement and consultation programs will be considered in Rockyview’s First Nations engagement and public consultation activities:

Consultation and engagement begins with good information. Potentially interested stakeholders need to understand the scope of the potential Project and why it is being proposed in order to evaluate it. Information must be presented in a manner that is easy to read and understand.

•Consultation and engagement are built on accessibility and inclusion. Rockyview will broadly inform and engage the public, including First Nations, to encourage dialogue.

Consultation and engagement is two-way. When Rockyview informs its stakeholders of its plans, it will acknowledge and, where possible, apply the feedback it receives.

Consultation and engagement is not a means to an end. The potential Project could have a lifespan of decades. It is important that consultation and engagement facilitates long-term relationships with interested stakeholders.